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Decorating Dilemma: How To Decorate Uneven Walls

Decorating uneven walls can indeed be a challenging task, but with the right approach and creativity, you can turn this dilemma into an opportunity to create a unique and visually appealing space. Uneven walls can occur due to various reasons, such as architectural quirks, settling of the building, or previous renovations. Regardless of the cause.

Here are some tips and ideas to help you effectively decorate uneven walls in your home or any other space.

Embrace the Irregularity

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Embracing the irregularity of uneven walls can be a design advantage rather than a hindrance. These unique imperfections add character and a touch of history to your space, creating an intriguing visual appeal. Instead of trying to conceal the unevenness, consider leaving it exposed, especially in older or historic buildings. The weathered look can exude a rustic charm that's hard to replicate with artificially smooth walls.

To enhance the beauty of the irregular walls, choose decor and furnishings that complement their distinctiveness. Opt for artwork or decorative pieces that play with asymmetry and organic shapes. 

By embracing the irregularity, you give your room a one-of-a-kind ambiance that tells a unique story and sets it apart from cookie-cutter designs. Let your creativity shine as you turn these uneven walls into a captivating focal point for your interior decor.

Create a Gallery Wall

Creating a gallery wall is a fantastic way to add personality and style to a room while diverting attention from uneven walls. Start by curating a collection of artwork, photographs, and decorative pieces that resonate with your aesthetic. Mix and match different frame styles and sizes to achieve an eclectic and visually captivating display. Consider incorporating family photos, travel mementos, and meaningful artwork to infuse the gallery wall with sentimental value.

Before hanging the pieces, lay them out on the floor to experiment with different arrangements. Once you find a layout that pleases the eye, transfer it to the wall. Use a level and measuring tape to ensure the pieces are evenly spaced and aligned. To enhance the gallery wall's allure, intersperse mirrors or decorative accents among the artwork.

By skillfully curating and arranging your gallery wall, you can transform your space into a captivating and artful oasis that embraces the charm of uneven walls.

Accentuate with Lighting

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Born To Grill Sign

When dealing with uneven walls, accentuating with lighting can be a game-changer. Well-placed lights not only illuminate your space but also draw attention away from any wall imperfections. Wall sconces are an excellent choice for directing light upwards or downwards, creating a focal point and adding a touch of elegance to the room. Pendant lights can be suspended at different heights, helping to visually balance the unevenness. Floor lamps with adjustable heads allow you to highlight specific areas and create a cozy ambiance.

To achieve the best results, experiment with different light intensities and angles. Soft, warm lighting can soften the appearance of uneven walls, while brighter lighting can shift focus towards other features. Additionally, consider using colored light bulbs or installing dimmer switches to customize the lighting according to your preferences. With the right lighting setup, you can transform your space and make uneven walls a non-issue.

Install Shelves or Floating Bookcases

If you're dealing with uneven walls, installing floating shelves or bookcases can be a practical and stylish solution. These not only add functionality to your space but also create a visually appealing display. You can use them to showcase books, plants, decorative items, or a combination of these.

Incorporate a Focal Point

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Good Friends Good Times Welcome To The Deck Sign | Customizable Canvas

Incorporating a focal point is a brilliant strategy to divert attention from uneven walls and create a captivating interior. A focal point is a visually striking element that immediately draws the eye, becoming the center of attention in the room. There are various ways to achieve this effect.

Consider hanging a large, eye-catching piece of artwork on the most even section of the wall. This will not only distract from the unevenness but also add a touch of sophistication to the space. Alternatively, opt for a statement furniture piece, such as an elegant sofa, an ornate mirror, or a unique sculptural item. Placing it strategically will shift the focus away from any wall imperfections.

Another approach is to create an accent wall with a bold color or pattern. This can be achieved using paint, wallpaper, or even a combination of materials like wood and fabric. The accent wall will become an attention-grabbing feature, effectively concealing the irregularities on the surrounding walls.

When incorporating a focal point, ensure that it complements the overall theme and style of the room. By doing so, you'll achieve a seamless and visually appealing design that not only masks the uneven walls but also elevates the entire aesthetic of the space. Remember, a well-executed focal point can transform a decorating dilemma into a stunning design opportunity.

Consult a Professional

If the unevenness of the walls is due to structural issues or poses a safety concern, it's essential to consult a professional before attempting any decorative solutions. A qualified contractor or structural engineer can assess the situation and provide appropriate recommendations.


Decorating uneven walls requires a mix of creativity, design knowledge, and practicality. Embrace the uniqueness of your space, and use clever design techniques to enhance its visual appeal. Whether you choose to create a gallery wall, use textured coverings, or incorporate a focal point, remember to balance aesthetics with functionality. With the right approach, you can transform your space into a captivating and inviting environment, where the charm of uneven walls becomes an integral part of the overall decor.

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