Elegant Ideas For How To Decorate A Large Empty Bedroom Wall - Image by Tailored Canvases

Elegant Ideas For How To Decorate A Large Empty Bedroom Wall

Do you find yourself looking at a big, empty wall in your bedroom, wondering how to fill that blank space and make it reflect your personality? Decorating a large empty wall can often be a daunting task. It requires an eye for aesthetics, an understanding of space, and a sense of style. However, by incorporating elements like wall art, unique wall decor, and personalized signs, you can transform this intimidating task into an exciting interior design project.

Embrace Large Scale Wall Art

Brooklyn Bridge Night View Canvas Wall Art by Tailored Canvases

Brooklyn Bridge Night View Canvas Wall Art

Embracing large-scale wall art is an impactful approach to transform an expansive, empty bedroom wall into an attractive focal point. Among the many types of wall art, canvas wall art offers a fantastic way to impart an artistic flair to your room.

Starting with abstract designs, canvas art in this genre is a beautiful way to introduce color and create an emotive atmosphere. It could be a riot of vibrant hues for a bold statement or soothing pastel tones for a tranquil feel.

Minimalist designs offer an uncluttered, clean aesthetic that blends effortlessly with a modern room. They allow the beauty of simplicity to shine through, subtly enhancing your space without overpowering it.

However, when choosing your canvas wall art, an important consideration is the art-to-wall ratio. Moreover, ensure the art piece complements your room's color palette to create a cohesive and balanced aesthetic.

Create a Gallery Wall

A gallery wall allows you to showcase multiple pieces of art, photos, or special keepsakes. This approach is particularly useful if you have a large collection of smaller items you wish to display. The gallery wall can be a fantastic way to inject your personality into your room.

There are no strict rules in creating a gallery wall. It could be a neatly arranged grid or a more eclectic and organic display. You can play around with frames of different sizes, shapes, and colors for added interest. It's your personal gallery, so let it tell your unique story.

Install a Statement-Making Mirror

Mirrors are not only functional, but they also serve as excellent wall decor. A large statement mirror can transform an empty wall into a striking feature. Besides, it can make the room look more spacious and brighter by reflecting light.

Choose a mirror with a decorative frame that complements the room’s style. An ornate, vintage-inspired frame can add a touch of elegance, while a sleek, minimalist frame aligns with a more modern aesthetic.

Personalized Signs for a Unique Touch

Love Is Patient, Love Is Kind Sign | Customizable Canvas by Tailored Canvases

Love Is Patient, Love Is Kind Sign | Customizable Canvas

Personalized signs, specifically canvas signs, can imbue your bedroom with an unparalleled level of individuality and charm. Canvas signs allow for customizability in terms of size, font, color, and design. You can opt for a meaningful quote that inspires you each day, a significant date that resonates, or your initials stylized in a way that aligns with your personal aesthetic.

The beauty of a personalized canvas sign lies not only in its unique representation of your persona but also in its versatility. Whether your room embodies a rustic charm, a modern minimalistic vibe, or a vibrant eclectic mix, a canvas sign can effortlessly enhance the existing décor. Remember, the goal is to create a space that 'speaks' to you and your interests. A personalized canvas sign is a simple, elegant, and effective way to achieve this.

Experiment with Shelves and Display Units

Shelves and display units are practical solutions for an empty wall. They provide storage and display space without making the room feel cluttered. You can use these shelves to display books, plants, decorative items, or a mix of everything.

Consider floating shelves for a clean, modern look or opt for traditional bookshelves for a classic appeal. You could also go for ladder shelves or corner shelves if you want to try something different.

Add Texture with Wall Hangings

Wall hangings can add a splash of color and texture to a bare wall. These could range from woven wall hangings that add a touch of bohemian flair, to metal wall sculptures for an industrial edge, to ornate wood carvings for a rustic feel. Wall hangings are an excellent way to introduce a new material into your room and create a more layered, tactile aesthetic.

Play with Wall Decals

If you're renting or simply not ready to commit to something permanent, wall decals are a great option. They are easy to apply and remove, causing no damage to the walls. Decals come in a variety of designs, from geometric patterns to floral motifs, from inspirational quotes to whimsical illustrations. These allow you to experiment with different styles without a significant commitment.

Try a Mural or Wall Painting

Decor Elements Sculpture Wood Carved Buddha Canvas Wall Art by Tailored Canvases

Decor Elements Sculpture Wood Carved Buddha Canvas Wall Art

For those who are not shy of a bold statement, a mural or wall painting can be a dramatic and artistic way to decorate a large wall. This can be a beautiful landscape, an abstract pattern, or a whimsical scene. The possibilities are endless and entirely dependent on your taste and creativity.

In conclusion, decorating a large empty bedroom wall should be an enjoyable journey of expressing yourself. Whether you choose an oversized piece of art, a gallery wall, or a personalized sign, the important thing is to let your personality shine through.

Finally, when it comes to sourcing unique wall art, decor, and personalized signs that make a room truly your own, Tailored Canvases is a valuable resource. Their selection offers something to suit every taste, providing endless inspiration for turning that big, empty wall into your favorite feature of the room.

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