How To Decorate Walls Living Room Using Exquisite Statement Canvas Art Pieces - Image by Tailored Canvases

How To Decorate Walls Living Room Using Exquisite Statement Canvas Art Pieces

The living room is often the first space that guests see when they enter your home, setting the tone for the rest of the house. It's your personal canvas to express your style, taste, and personality. However, many homeowners find the large blank wall spaces daunting and challenging to fill.

One of the best ways to make your living room wall sing is to hang beautifully tailored canvas art pieces that add color, character, and a bit of yourself in the mix.

Understanding the Impact of Art in Your Living Room

Bighorn Sheep Of The Forest Canvas Wall Art by Tailored Canvases

Bighorn Sheep Of The Forest Canvas Wall Art

Living room walls are like blank pages waiting for a story to be written. And the story is all about you. Every piece of artwork that adorns your wall tells a tale. A single statement piece can transform your living room from ordinary to extraordinary. It gives depth to the space, adding layers of visual interest that draw the eye and engage the mind.

Canvas art pieces, especially, have a unique charm that can elevate the ambiance of your living room. They are an excellent medium for diverse artistic expressions and can range from a variety of themes and styles to meet any personal aesthetic.

Deciding on the Style and Theme

The first step to using canvas art pieces to decorate your living room is to decide on the theme and style that best reflects you. Are you more inclined towards abstract art, or do you find comfort in the nostalgic appeal of vintage pieces? Maybe you prefer the contemporary allure of minimalist art, or perhaps the captivating vibrancy of pop art speaks to your soul. The options are limitless.

This process is less about matching your living room decor and more about complementing it. The artwork should add to the existing aesthetic of your space, not simply blend in. So, it's okay if your canvas art piece stands out—it's meant to!

Choosing the Size and Layout

Welcome To Our Home Sign II by Tailored Canvases

Welcome To Our Home Sign II

Size matters when it comes to canvas art pieces. A piece that's too small will be lost on a large wall, while an overly large piece might overwhelm the room.

If you have a large wall, consider a gallery wall setup, where multiple canvas pieces come together to create an art-filled spectacle. This is an excellent way to incorporate different styles and sizes, as the variety can create an engaging visual narrative.

On the other hand, if your living room is on the smaller side, a single large statement piece could be the way to go. This creates a focal point and draws attention away from the size of the room, making it feel larger.

Hanging Your Artwork

Now that you've chosen the perfect canvas art pieces, it's time to hang them. Artwork should be hung at eye level, with the center of the piece approximately 57 inches from the floor. This is the standard gallery hanging height and will give your living room a professional touch.

For gallery walls, start with the largest piece and work your way out. Try different arrangements on the floor before committing to a layout. Keep the space between each piece consistent for a harmonious feel.

Incorporating Wall Decor and Personalized Signs

While canvas art pieces make a bold statement on their own, you can elevate your living room wall decor by incorporating wall accents and personalized signs.

Personalized signs add a unique touch to your living room. They can showcase your favorite quote, a meaningful date, or simply your family name. This personal touch makes your living room more than just a well-decorated space it turns it into a home.

Ensuring Cohesion and Balance

Insect Dragonfly On Leaf Canvas Wall Art by Tailored Canvases

Insect Dragonfly On Leaf Canvas Wall Art

While decorating with canvas art pieces, wall decor, and personalized signs, it's essential to maintain a sense of balance and harmony. Each piece should contribute to the overall theme and feel of your living room, even if it stands out as a focal point.

This balance doesn't necessarily mean symmetry, but it does involve considering how each element interacts with others. The colors, textures, and scale of each piece should contribute to a unified aesthetic that feels both cohesive and dynamic.


Decorating your living room walls using canvas art pieces can transform the space into a personal gallery that tells your story. The combination of statement art, complementary wall decor, and personalized signs creates an aesthetic that is both visually compelling and deeply personal.

To achieve this perfect mix, consider Tailored Canvases. Their selection of wall art, wall decor, and personalized signs allows you to explore your unique style and bring it to life in your living room. Remember, a well-decorated living room isn't just about looking good it's about feeling good, too. Make your space a reflection of you with Tailored Canvases.

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