Tailored Canvases: Elevate Your Space With Unique Canvas Street Art

Decorating your living space can be a fun and exciting experience, especially when you have the freedom to express your personality and style. Tailored Canvases offers a range of canvas street art that can add an edgy and urban touch to any room. In this blog post, we will explore some decorating tips and ideas to make the most out of your Tailored Canvases artwork.

Tip 1: Mixing And Matching Artwork

One of the most common mistakes people make when decorating with art is sticking to one style or theme. However, by mixing and matching different artworks, you can create a unique and personalized look. Tailored Canvases offers a variety of street art that can be paired with other pieces to create a cohesive and dynamic display. Don't be afraid to mix different sizes, colors, and styles for a gallery wall that reflects your personality.

Tip 2: Choosing The Right Placement

Placement is everything when it comes to art. You want to showcase your Tailored Canvases artwork in a way that draws attention to it but also complements the rest of your decor. Consider the room's lighting, furniture arrangement, and color scheme when deciding where to hang your canvas street art. If you have a large piece, it can serve as a focal point for the room. Alternatively, a group of smaller canvases can create a cohesive and eye-catching display.

Tip 3: Adding Textures And Layers

Adding textures and layers to your space can create a more inviting and cozy atmosphere. Pairing your Tailored Canvases street art with different textiles, such as blankets, rugs, and throw pillows, can add depth and dimension to your decor. Consider incorporating different textures such as wood, metal, and fabric for a more dynamic look. You can also add layers by combining different types of artwork, such as photography or sculptures, with your canvas street art.

Tip 4: Experimenting With Colors

Your Tailored Canvases street art can be a great starting point for experimenting with different colors in your decor. Consider using the artwork's color scheme as a jumping-off point for choosing complementary colors for the rest of the room. You can also use color to create contrast and make your artwork stand out. For example, a bright and colorful piece can pop against a neutral wall or furniture.


Tailored Canvases offers unique and edgy canvas street art that can elevate your living space's look and feel. By mixing and matching artwork, choosing the right placement, adding textures and layers, and experimenting with colors, you can create a personalized and dynamic display. With these decorating tips and ideas, you can make the most out of your Tailored Canvases artwork and create a space that reflects your personality and style.


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