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What Is Wall Art? Unraveling the Mystery to a Better Space

"Art is not what you see, but what you make others see." - Edgar Degas.

Art has the incredible ability to speak directly to our hearts, sparking the imagination and lighting the creative fire within us. A vital element of interior design, art has the power to alter the atmosphere and energy of a space drastically. Amongst the diverse forms of art, one that continually impacts the personal and professional realms is Wall Art.

What is Wall Art?

Moulton Barn Canvas Wall Art

Wall art is an ensemble of items or pieces that are designed to adorn the walls of an indoor space. They're the finishing elements that pull a space together, making it feel complete. Wall art ranges from paintings, prints, photographs, murals, tapestries, to wall sculptures. Wall art, in essence, is anything that you hang on your wall with the intent to create a visually appealing environment.

Significance of Wall Art in Interior Design


The importance of wall art in interior design can't be overstated. An aesthetic room design isn't just about matching colors, styles, and furniture, it extends to how the wall space is utilized. Wall art serves multiple purposes in interior design, including:

  1. Setting the Tone: Wall art is a direct reflection of your tastes, interests, and personality. A well-selected piece can set the tone for the entire room. For instance, an abstract piece might convey a contemporary style, while a classical painting might denote a more traditional aesthetic.

  2. Creating a Focal Point: Every room needs a central attraction. This focal point draws attention and invites the viewer into the space. A well-placed piece of wall art can become this captivating centerpiece.

  3. Adding Color and Texture: Wall art is an excellent way to introduce or tie together the color scheme of a room. It can also add texture and depth, making the room appear more dynamic.

  4. Inspiring Emotion: Art, at its core, is emotional. The right piece can evoke powerful feelings, making your space not only visually delightful but also emotionally resonant.

Personalizing Your Space with Wall Decor and Personalized Signs

Where It All Began Couple Map Sign | Customizable Canvas

While wall art in general significantly contributes to enhancing a space, personalized wall décor and signs are emerging as unique and powerful design elements. They add a touch of individuality and create a more intimate ambiance. Let's delve into their impact.

Wall Decor

In the realm of wall décor, pre-made canvas wall art and prints shine as versatile elements. They effortlessly introduce an artistic vibe, infusing a room with personality and style. Available in a vast array of subjects - from picturesque landscapes, modern abstracts, to classic still lifes, and styles - contemporary, vintage, or minimalist, these pieces cater to every taste. Whether you lean towards a Monet-inspired water lily canvas for a dash of Impressionism or favor a vibrant geometric print for a modern touch, there's something for every palette.

Selecting the right canvas or print involves aligning it with your overall design theme and personal preferences. It's like choosing a visual storyteller for your space - it should narrate a tale that resonates with you and adds an appealing chapter to your room's aesthetic story.

Personalized Signs

Personalized signs are a way to introduce text into your design. These could be inspirational quotes, meaningful phrases, or even your family name. They serve a dual purpose: offering aesthetic appeal and conveying a personal message that can resonate with everyone who sees it. Such signs evoke a sense of identity and belonging.

Finding the Right Fit for Your Space

Camel Through Sand Dunes Canvas Wall Art

Finding the perfect wall art isn't always easy. The selection process involves considering factors such as size, style, color palette, and the room's overall ambiance. Here are some tips to find the right wall art:

  1. Match it to Your Style: Your space should reflect your style. Choose wall art that aligns with your aesthetic preferences.

  2. Consider the Room: Different rooms might call for different types of wall art. A vibrant, abstract piece might suit a living room, while a serene landscape could be perfect for a bedroom.

  3. Size Matters: The size of the artwork should be proportionate to the wall it's placed on. A too-small piece may get lost, while a too-large one can overwhelm the space.

  4. Play with Colors: Your wall art doesn't have to match your room's color scheme perfectly. However, it should contain at least a couple of the room's colors to ensure harmony.


The mystery of creating a better space begins and ends with the personal touch that you lend to it. The right wall art doesn’t merely occupy space; it speaks, it resonates, and it elevates. From wall décor to personalized signs, every element contributes to a unique narrative that transforms a house into a home, a workspace into a creative hub.

As a concluding note, for those seeking an extraordinary collection of wall art that harmonizes quality, variety, and personalization, Tailored Canvases could be your artistic sanctuary. Explore the myriad choices and let the walls of your space echo with the whispers of fine artistry.

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