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Finding the Best Wall Art: A Creative Guide

by Bernadette Quizon December 02, 2021

Finding the Best Wall Art: A Creative Guide

Decorating your home can be a daunting task for novice and experts alike - whether you decide to create an inspiring space, choose to revamp a room, or simply enjoy the experience. Whatever your reason is, decorating a place requires not only time and energy but also needs you to rack your brain a bit.

What style should I go with? What design will bring out this mood? What color scheme is better for this room? For beginners who still don’t have any clue where to start, this simple creative guide will give you the push in the right direction!


Simply put, wall arts are decoration masterpieces that are displayed on wall surfaces. These embellishments are considered the finishing touch to any home. Before you choose the design and the hue of your decor, you must familiarize yourself with the different types of wall art.


These kinds of wall decor are made of high-quality, poly-cotton canvases with wrapped edges and a semi-gloss finish that are hand-stretched to create a more professional aesthetic.


Embrace the traditional approach of the idea behind this type of wall art. Preserve the beauty and elegance of your classic print decorations as it comes with a durable frame. Glossy or matte finishes on the print will definitely bring out the timeless appeal of this art.


These are the kind of wall signs that most people refer to as customized or personalized art. It gives off a melancholic vibe with the unique photo decorations and print layouts.


One of the unique types of wall decor is the wood grain-inspired canvases because it gives off a rustic and vintage ambiance. Although it is not really made of actual wood, its print is of top-notch quality that will always hit home.


Based on its name, there are those wall decorations that come with pre-installed lightweight photo boards, mounting hooks, and screws. You simply just have to showcase it on your wall without any hassle.


There are various wall art styles to choose from and finding the right one for you is not as hard as finding a needle in a haystack. Roll up your sleeves, follow your instincts, and let your creative mind explore these wall decor styles!


Jive in the vintage ambiance of timeless classics with old-school aesthetics and chic embellishments.


Discover the unique vibe of lines, colors, texture, form, and tones with the representational approach in design.


Embrace the relaxing ambiance of mother nature with the classic beauty and appeal of floral and foliage decorations.


Add a more personal touch of art with hand-written text embellishments and hand-drawn figures.


Explore the simple and formal approach of monochromatic undertones in the strong print decorations of this style.


Sleek and style go hand-in-hand with contemporary embellishments and color palettes.


Focus on your subject and capture the perfect moments with photo-inspired masterpieces.


Enjoy the inspiring mood of summer, autumn, winter, and spring in the season-themed decorations of this style.


The color palette of your choice is the finishing touch to your wall art journey. It plays an important role in determining the ambiance you want to portray and adapt into your personal haven. Here are the common color swatches for every mood:


Achieve the vintage vibe of the old times with the classic monochrome undertones on retro-inspired aesthetics.


If you’re looking to catch people’s attention and make a statement, then vibrant colors with jewel undertones of navy and purple are the way to go.


Add a pop of color into any dull space and make the room stand out with a touch of bright shades like yellow, red, and orange.


Should you decide on a peaceful and serene vibe, then light shades of green and cool tones of blues should be your go-to colors.


Fall in love with the earthy shades of brown, orange, and grey this season and mix it with the warm undertones of light.


Rejoice in the bright and happy tones of vibrant red, yellow, and a splash of white to achieve that refreshing mood.


Spend your days in the warm undertones of beach sand and pastel yellows combined with the deep shades of blue and teal.


Frost yourself with the deep and cool depths of charcoal, purple, and blue tones to add intensity to your design.


When choosing the right color, you have to make sure that it complements the interior without exuding a complex look. Trust your instincts on this one and allow the shades to blend in naturally with your interior.

Bernadette Quizon
Bernadette Quizon


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