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The Ultimate Wall Art Size Cheat Sheet

by Bernadette Quizon December 02, 2021

The Ultimate Wall Art Size Cheat Sheet

Choosing the perfect wall art to match your home interior can be tedious work, especially if it’s your first time decorating. You must decide where to display, how to arrange, which style and color to match, and what size is perfect - with all of these things in mind, it’s easy to get confused and frustrated at the same time.

Don’t worry, we understand your dilemma! First, let’s cross off one thing from your plate - here is a quick guide to determine the ideal wall art size for your space.



Think of your walls as a blank canvas and the art decors are the colors that will bring life into the space. Explore the standard wall art sizes and their measurements below:



The average measurement of small wall art decorations is about 30 to 40 cm. These smaller wall canvases are great on surfaces where there’s not a lot of space like in the kitchen. Since it is small in size, it can easily fit in between accessories, utensils, and shelves.



Hanging wall decor that is medium in size usually measures anything from 40 to 60 cm in dimension. It can easily fit in with other art pieces, but it is not too small to look out of place when hung on its own. It is easier to find a proportion when dealing with medium-sized wall art since it works well with small furniture like side tables and accent chairs. 



Wall art decor measuring 60 up to 90 cm belongs to the large-sized collection. If you’re looking for a centerpiece that doesn’t look overwhelming and overbearing, then large-sized wall art is perfect for you. It makes a statement when hung on its own, which is why it is a popular go-to decor for bedrooms, living rooms, and dining rooms.



Extra-large art decors are those that have over 90 cm in dimension. These wall signs require a bit of space when hung and are perfect for the overhead design above the bed or the sofa. Should you decide on creating a gallery wall, an oversized art surrounded by smaller pieces delivers a finishing blow that instantly boosts any interior design.


Discover your ideal wall art dimensions in Tailored Canvases’ standard size chart.


Wide Sizes
Squarish by still Landscape
Ultra Wide Sizes

20 x 10”

48 x 24”

60 x 30”

10 x 8”

18 x 12”

24 x 16”

36 x 24”

48 x 32”

36 x 12”

48 x 16”

60 x 20”



Wide Sizes
Squarish by still Portrait
Ultra Wide Sizes

10 x 20”

24 x 48”

30 x 60”

8 x 10”

12 x 18”

16 x 24”

24 x 36”

12 x 36”

16 x 48”

32 x 48”

20 x 60”


Do you have your ideal design in mind but no idea which size to choose? Just follow these three easy techniques and you’ll figure it out in no time!



Take out your rulers and your measuring tape because you’ll definitely need them! People often forget to measure the dimensions of the room and the wall surface, so they just tend to assume and estimate the size of the wall art. Although there are some things where you can turn to your intuitions, this is not one of those instances.
The rule of the thumb always makes a difference when deciding on the wall art size. The standard practice is to measure the wall surface, and then multiply it by 0.57 and then again by 0.75. This simple formula provides a range of dimensions that matches your home interior.


Once you get the estimated measurement of the ideal wall art that will fit your space, you must find out how you want your decor to look on the wall. Do you want a single piece of art or do you prefer a gallery wall? Whichever you decide, always refer to the ideal measurement range.
Large and oversized wall decor is perfect for making a statement with just a single piece on the blank canvas. Build a collection of complementing medium and small-sized wall signs that works great for gallery wall art. You can practice the asymmetrical arrangement better should you decide on the gallery-style.


Now, before you purchase anything from any home decor stores, create a layout of your design with the exact dimensions - not just in your head but on actual sheets of paper. Grab a large sheet, outline your chosen dimension and stick it on the empty wall with masking tape for a few days. If it works for the next couple of days, then, by all means, buy that art!


In case you’re stuck with two or three choices, repeat the same steps and switch the sizes now and then. Whichever size makes you feel good, then it’s about time to trust your instincts.

Bernadette Quizon
Bernadette Quizon


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