About Us

About Us
Home Décor through Tailored Canvases
for Memories That Last A Lifetime

Our homes are defined by those little personal items that create lasting memories. The joys of a birthday. The thrill of a new place. The fun of changing our décor. The laughter of being together with family and friends.

We want to help you make those moments even more memorable, with the little things you’ll cherish for a lifetime. The ones that will have you smiling with joy each time you look at them.

That’s why we are in the business of making homes look and feel homey. We capture your memories and moments into a beautiful, personalized canvas that enhances the décor of any space in your home.

Our Mission
To create high-quality personalized decor pieces that turn a house into a home.

Our commitment to you 🖤
We want to give you the freedom to add your personal touch and character to your space. Through Tailored Canvases, we connect you with the creative world of our designers and artisans for truly unique pieces that help you live in the moment.
•  Exquisite art – with every attention paid to the details 
•  Superior service – we go above and beyond to make our customers’ wishes come true
•  Business with integrity – we’re honest, transparent, and committed to doing all that is best for our customers and our business. 

Reimagining the way we do canvas prints
Your customized canvas will look gorgeous mounted. But what is also important is that it will stand the test of time.

We’ve worked hard to ensure our process leaves you with a durable piece of art that not only looks exquisite but stays with you as long as you’d like.

So, feel free to accent your space with a personalized canvas artfully tailored to your desires.   

Why shop at Tailored Canvases 

When you shop with us, you’re supporting the people behind the products – local artists, employees, and their families – all based in the USA.

Our custom canvases are 100% Handmade in the USA by a team who enjoys designing and making personalized artworks that bring joy to the families we serve.   

Every great story begins with a Tailored Canvas.
Let’s make it personal, customized, and even more special.