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Decorating Made Easy: How To Hang Wall Decor Without Nails

Imagine walking into a room that speaks volumes about your personality. A space adorned with stunning wall art, classy wall decor, and personalized signs that bring a unique touch to your interior design. But here's the rub – you don't want to put holes in your walls. Don't worry! You can easily decorate your walls without the need for nails or damaging your drywall. This guide explores several alternative hanging methods that will give you a beautifully decorated home and peace of mind.

Command Strips

Your Talent Is God's Gift Sign by Tailored Canvases

Your Talent Is God's Gift Sign

One of the simplest ways to hang wall decor without nails is by using Command strips. These adhesive strips are designed to hold on strongly and come off cleanly, making them ideal for hanging lightweight to medium-weight items. They are available in various sizes and types, such as picture hanging strips, hooks, and velcro strips.

Before you begin, ensure that your wall and the back of your wall decor are clean and dry. Align the strips on the wall and the decor, press firmly for a few seconds, and voila! Your artwork is ready for display.

Adhesive Hooks

Adhesive hooks are another fantastic solution for your wall decor. These are especially helpful for items like decorative plates, mirrors, or personalized signs that have a hanging wire or a keyhole at the back.

Simply peel off the backing from the hook, stick it onto your wall, and give it some time to bond strongly. It's best to wait for at least an hour before you hang anything on the hook. This ensures the adhesive has enough time to stick properly, providing a stronger hold.

Double-sided Tape

Double-sided tape might not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about hanging wall decor, but it can be surprisingly effective for lightweight items such as paper posters or thin, unframed prints.

Before applying the tape, clean the wall and the back of the decor. Apply the tape to the corners and edges of the decor, then press it onto the wall. Be sure to position it accurately the first time, as removing and repositioning the decor might reduce the stickiness of the tape.

Poster Putty

Vineyard Window Canvas Wall Art by Tailored Canvases

Vineyard Window Canvas Wall Art

For even lighter items like postcards, photos, or paper prints, poster putty is a great choice. This reusable, sticky substance can hold up these items without damaging your walls or the decor. Simply knead the putty until it’s pliable, stick a small amount to the back of your item, and press it onto the wall. The putty is easy to remove and leaves no marks behind.

Tension Rods

Tension rods are another innovative way to hang wall decor without nails. You can use them between two walls or in a window frame to display lightweight cloth-based wall decor like tapestries or flags.

Simply adjust the tension rod to the length of the space, and then hang your decor from the rod. This method is ideal for renters who want to avoid damaging walls or those looking to frequently change their decor.

Magic Magnetic Paint

A relatively new innovation in the world of interior decoration is magnetic paint. It might sound like something out of a science fiction movie, but it is indeed real and works wonders. You paint it on the wall just like any other type of paint, but once it dries, it will hold magnetic objects.

For this method, you will need to add a small magnet to the back of your wall decor. The magnetic attraction between the magnet and the wall will keep your items in place.

Using Shelves or Mantles

Lastly, using shelves or mantles is a decor-friendly way to display your wall art without hanging it. Leaning larger pieces of art or framed photos against the wall can create a casual but sophisticated vibe. Smaller pieces can be displayed on stands or easels on the shelf. This method also allows for easy rearrangement whenever the mood strikes.

Considerations When Choosing the Right Tool

Pub Drink, Laugh & Repeat Sign | Customizable Canvas by Tailored Canvases

Pub Drink, Laugh & Repeat Sign | Customizable Canvas

Selecting the correct tool for hanging wall decor without nails hinges on a variety of factors. By carefully considering each one, you ensure your decorations stay secure and your walls remain unscathed.

  • Weight of Decor: Heavier items require more robust hanging solutions. Command strips or adhesive hooks may be suitable for medium-weight objects, while shelves or mantles are better for heavier pieces.

  • Type of Wall Surface: Some tools adhere better to specific surfaces. For example, adhesive hooks and Command strips work well on smooth surfaces, while they may struggle to stick to textured or porous surfaces.

  • Permanence of the Decor: Consider how often you plan to change your decor. Poster putty and double-sided tape are excellent for frequently swapped items, as they can be removed easily without leaving marks.

  • Type of Decor: Certain decor types necessitate specific tools. Tension rods are perfect for cloth-based decor, while magnetic paint is ideal for decor items that can be magnetized.

  • Cost: The price of hanging tools can vary. While magnetic paint may provide a unique hanging solution, it's more expensive than more traditional tools like Command strips or adhesive hooks.


The possibilities of wall decor are indeed endless and nail-free. Whether it's an artistic tapestry, a vintage mirror, or personalized signs that speak to your style, there's a nail-less hanging solution out there. These alternatives not only prevent damage to your walls but also provide the flexibility to change up your decor with ease.

For those in search of a vast selection of wall art, wall decor, and personalized signs to fill your space with character and charm, look no further than Tailored Canvases. Their impressive selection caters to every aesthetic, providing you with the perfect pieces to express your style and personality, ready to be hung with these easy, nail-free methods.

Enjoy the freedom of decorating made easy with Tailored Canvases, where each piece is a work of art tailored to you.

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