Elevate Your Space: A Creative Guide On How To Decorate A High Wall - Image by Tailored Canvases

Elevate Your Space: A Creative Guide On How To Decorate A High Wall

High walls represent a unique decorating challenge due to their towering dimensions. However, they also provide a vast canvas for personal expression, opening up numerous creative opportunities for homeowners and designers. The key lies in understanding how to make these grand spaces work to your advantage, using elements like scale, color, and layout to create visually stunning effects.

In this blog post, we will explore how you can transform your high walls using canvas wall art, wall decor, and personalized signs to reflect your unique style and taste.

Understand Scale and Proportion

Family Is A Circle Of Strength And Love Sign II by Tailored Canvases

Family Is A Circle Of Strength And Love Sign II

When it comes to decorating high walls, comprehending scale and proportion is crucial. These expansive surfaces require larger decor elements to adequately fill the space without appearing sparse or undersized. Choosing large-scale canvas wall art can be a strategic way to anchor your room visually. Such oversized pieces proportionately complement the extensive wall area, ensuring the space doesn't dwarf your decor.

Furthermore, larger artwork can capture attention, serving as a captivating focal point. This principle extends beyond the artwork's size to its subject matter. Opt for designs that have a larger perspective or are visually detailed, as these can appear more proportionate on a high wall.

Mastering the balance between scale and proportion can transform your tall wall from an intimidating blank slate into a dynamic showcase of artistic expression.

Make A Gallery Wall

High walls often allow for the luxury of a gallery wall, an aesthetically pleasing way to display multiple pieces of canvas art.

Start by selecting canvas prints that resonate with your style and create a harmonious theme, whether it be through color, subject matter, or style. Play around with the arrangement on the floor first, establishing a balanced layout that captivates without overwhelming the eye.

Consider a mix of sizes, using larger pieces as anchors and smaller ones to fill in the gaps. Once you're happy with the layout, transfer your design onto the wall, starting from the center and working outwards. A gallery wall serves as a fantastic visual narrative, allowing each canvas piece to contribute to the overall story. It's a perfect opportunity to showcase your tastes and create a dynamic, ever-evolving art display on your high wall.

Opt for Vertical Layouts

Manhattan Skyline Canvas Wall Art by Tailored Canvases

Manhattan Skyline Canvas Wall Art

When confronted with a towering wall, a vertical layout can be your ally in achieving a balanced design. Emulating the elongated shape of high walls, vertically arranged canvas prints create a visual flow that guides the viewer's gaze upward, mirroring the wall's length.

Consider arranging a series of related images or matching canvas prints in a vertical sequence. This approach can utilize a triptych print, where a single artwork is split into three distinct segments, or a sequence of personalized signs that narrate a story or theme.

Remember, the key to a successful vertical layout lies in the unity of the pieces. Even as they stand individually, they should collectively form a coherent narrative or visual thread, accentuating the grandeur of your high walls while offering a captivating artistic journey.

Consider Symmetry and Balance

Balance and symmetry play a crucial role in interior design, particularly when dealing with high walls. You can either choose a symmetrical arrangement, where you mirror the placement of canvas prints on each side, or go for an asymmetrical layout for a more dynamic feel. Either way, ensuring a balanced look will help create a harmonious overall design that doesn't feel overwhelming or cluttered.

Experiment with Colors and Themes

When decorating a high wall, colors and themes can be a game-changer. Bold, vibrant colors can add a touch of drama and excitement, while softer, pastel shades can make the space feel calm and serene.

Additionally, your chosen theme will dictate the mood and atmosphere of the room. Canvas wall decor offers a wide range of themes, from abstract art to landscapes, still life to portraits, allowing you to create the exact ambiance you desire.

Personalize Your Space with Signs

Bless Our Home With Love And Laughter Sign by Tailored Canvases

Bless Our Home With Love And Laughter Sign

Personalized signs are a great way to add a personal touch to your high wall decor. These unique pieces of canvas wall art can display your favorite quotes, family names, or significant dates, adding a layer of personal meaning to your decor. Strategically placing these personalized signs among other canvas prints can create a heartfelt narrative within your decor, making the space truly your own.

Layer Lighting for Impact

While not a decor piece, lighting plays a vital role in showcasing your canvas wall art. Layered lighting can highlight your chosen pieces, drawing attention to the artwork's details and colors. Positioning a light source so that it illuminally your canvas art or wall decor can dramatically increase its visual impact, turning your high wall into a veritable gallery space.

Don't Forget the Lower Third

While it's essential to use the height of the wall, don't neglect the lower third. Balance out your decor by placing furniture pieces like a couch, console table, or bench against the wall, creating a visual anchor. You can then hang canvas wall art above these pieces, maintaining visual interest at all levels and preventing your decor from feeling top-heavy.


With the right approach, your high walls can serve as the perfect backdrop for showcasing your unique taste and personality. And what better way to achieve this than through canvas wall art, wall decor, and personalized signs? Whether it's a single oversized piece or a gallery wall brimming with your favorite themes, you can transform your high walls into an aesthetic masterpiece with Tailored Canvases, your trusted partner for high-quality, personalized canvas art.

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